Young Musician’s Course

Young Musician’s Course!

Young Musician’s Course is designed for students 6-8 years old!

Musicianship is taught through the use of a keyboard. Children will be involved in the following activities:

  • Singing
  • Ear training
  • Repertoire (keyboard pieces)
  • Ensemble playing (group performance)
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Arranging
  • Keyboard technique
  • Sight singing
  • Sight playing
  • Theory

High Technology: The Yamaha Electone® Keyboard
This is a programmable electronic keyboard that lets your child experience an incredible variety of sound ranging from the classical violin to the modern electric guitar. Whether performing solo or as part of an ensemble, children love the sophisticated music right from the start. This acts as a powerful motivator to learn on their own.

Upon Completion of the Course:
Your child may take the Yamaha Grade Examination and receive a certificate of achievement. Students may continue in one of Yamaha’s advanced courses. As skills develop, children are encouraged to compose and perform their own music.

Yamaha Teachers are Dedicated:
Yamaha teachers are college-trained musicians and educators who have passed demanding tests in musicianship and are certified by the Yamaha Music Education System. Most importantly, Yamaha teachers are committed to providing your child with happy, rewarding first musical experiences.

An International Music Education System:
The Young Musicians Course offers your child an excellent first course of musical study. While conducting over 30 years of music education research in dozens of countries, Yamaha has graduated more than four million students worldwide.

Music is Child’s Play:
The Young Musicians Course is founded on the belief that every child loves music. During the two-year program, children participate in activities that teach basic musical skills and encourage independence, creativity and self-expression. The course appeals to the imagination of a young mind and becomes an integral part of your child’s growth.