Music Wonderland

Music Wonderland!

Music Wonderland, just recently launched in Canada and now in the US, is designed for 3 and 4 year-olds.

This course is a wonderful introduction to the world of music through singing, listening, and playing the keyboard, even at their young age.

Students are exposed to a wide variety of music. An appreciation for all forms of music is strengthened by the various activities that take place between the children and their parents. Music Wonderland is not only a great way to stimulate your child’s development, but also to strengthen the bond between parent and child.
Keyboards are used in the course as tools for expression of concepts such as high/low and loud/soft sounds, as well as teaching students various rhythmic patterns. They learn to play a part in music-making with parent, friends, and teacher. The use of different fingers is also introduced in a way that is natural for 3 and 4 year-old children.

By the end of Music Wonderland, your child will have learned how to listen and react to song and sound, and enjoy making music with others. You will see the start of little musicians who can appreciate and express themselves through an international language — music.

Course areas include:
• Lyric (Song) and Solfege Singing
• Keyboard Playing
• Concentration Games with Parents
• Music Appreciation
• Rhythm Instruments
• Picture-Card Show (AKA “Musical TV”)

Course materials include two full-colour textbooks, a fully-orchestrated CD, and sticker pack. In class, students play along with the teacher’s live performance, as well as pre-recorded accompaniments on diskettes and CDs.

A keyboard instrument at home is not a requirement for Music Wonderland. However, upon entering JMC: Primary the following year, students will need access to an instrument for home practice.